Mountain cabin

“Motschndaba Alm”

Our cabin is situated at an altitude of 1600m. Follow the direction to Wetterkreuzhuette by car.

There are three storeys:

  • The middle storey houses three rooms: a bedroom with a bunk bed and a single bed (for 3 people), a common room containing a wood stove and providing access to a terrace and a further; larger room containing kitchen, two tables, a couch and an alcove with a double bed.
  • The upper storey houses a mattress camp.
  • The lower storey contains a bathroom with shower head and WC – both are only accessible from outside). The lighting is provided by solar power, the fridge runs on water.

We provide blankets and pillows but ask you to bring your own covers as well as towels and dish cloths and dish towels, dishing washing liquid and toilet paper.

Non-obligation inquiry
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